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Our Current Display On Madame Alexander Dolls

Many thanks to Lauren Tombari of Lafayette for lending her outstanding doll collection to LHS for display. Ms. Tombari’s collection of dolls represents the 1950’s, including clothes made by Jane Miller who lived in Lafayette at the time. Ms. Miller’s fine doll clothes could be found wherever Madame Alexander were sold. We have two complete […]

Oral History: Edwin Quenzel — September 24th, 2015

Born in 1917, Edwin Quenzel was 98 when he gave this interview. He was raised in Berkeley and served on U.S. Navy battleships in World War II. After the war he moved to Lafayette and began a 50-year career as a licensed building contractor. Mr. Quenzel also built sets for the Dramateurs for many years. […]

Oral History: Irene Bunker — October 20th, 1976

Mrs. Bunker is a long time resident of Lafayette. She has lived on the same property in Happy Valley for 63 years. This property is the site of the Widow Bernal’s adobe and lies approximately a mile up Happy Valley Road. Mrs. Bunker was interviewed in her home on October 20th, 1976 at the age […]

Oral History: Don Tatzin — August 5th, 2009

Don Tatzin settled in Lafayette at the age of 27, when a job with a consulting firm brought him to the Bay Area. After serving on two city commissions (Parks and Recreation and Planning), he was elected to the City Council in 1985 and has served there ever since.

Oral History: Ann Skram — January 26th, 2015

Ann’s family moved to Lafayette in 1946/47. Her parents built a home with a swimming pool on a one acre lot on Redwood Lane in Happy Valley. At that time Happy Valley Road was lined with huge walnut trees all the way into town and was mostly agrarian. Her father was an entrepreneur and her […]