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Oral History: Ann Skram — January 26th, 2015

Ann’s family moved to Lafayette in 1946/47. Her parents built a home with a swimming pool on a one acre lot on Redwood Lane in Happy Valley. At that time Happy Valley Road was lined with huge walnut trees all the way into town and was mostly agrarian. Her father was an entrepreneur and her […]

Oral History: George Wasson — April 22nd, 2013

George has made numerous contributions to the growth of Lafayette from a small town to the thriving community it is today. He and his family moved to Lafayette in 1957, he became involved in the incorporation campaign, and served as Lafayette’s mayor in 1976. He has been on the board of the Lafayette Historical Society […]

Oral History: Irene Bunker — 1961

Bunker moved to Lafayette in 1913. Her house was built in 1906. She describes early days of Town Hall, its dances dinners; the Horse Show, parades, and the Improvement Club. There was a great sense of community in Lafayette. Money was raised by volunteers, for needs in Lafayette. Bunker shares memories of the early Railroad, […]

Oral History: Patricia Whitehead Wendt — October 6th, 2014

In the late 1940s, Patricia’s grandfather purchased 4 acres, and her father one acre, in Happy Valley. They chose the location because they wanted to live in the country, with walnut trees and plenty of land. She discovered a fossilized turtle on the property. The industrialist Henry J, Kaiser, along with other neighbors, attended horse […]

Oral History: Barbara Langlois — March 24th, 2016

Barbara Langlois was appointed to the City’s Planning Commission in 1973, only five years after moving to Lafayette from El Cerrito. The next year, she won election to the City Council, and in 1975 she became the first woman to serve as Mayor. In addition to her duties as an elected official, Barbara was also […]